Women’s Rights Online Digital Gender Gap Audit

//Women’s Rights Online Digital Gender Gap Audit

Information and communications technologies (ICTs) are powerful tools for achieving everything from enhanced incomes and wider access to credit, to quality education and healthcare for all and more accountable government.

Yet a formidable gender gap in Internet access, digital skills, and online rights remains to be closed. Last year, survey research carried out by our Women’s Rights Online network revealed extreme gender and poverty inequalities in digital empowerment across urban poor areas in 10 cities. Women were 50% less likely than men to be online, and 30-50% less likely to use the Internet for economic and political empowerment.

Our inaugural Digital Gender Gap Audit expands on the survey results by assessing the policy efforts and progress made in 10 countries* around the main challenges identified through our research. We based our scores on 14 simple indicators for which reliable empirical evidence exists, and grading was done in the second quarter of 2016.

You can download a global overview of our scores as well as each national report card below.

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